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Part One - Registration

The first step one must take to begin adventuring in the world of Dragon's Call is to register. The registration for Dragon's Call is really simple and can be found [ here ]

Part Two - Classes

Assassins are a class that relies on its high attack speed and dodge rates to deal high amounts of damage while evading many of its opponents attacks. Assassins are a very popular class that have many strong skills and debuffs that effect their opponents in many ways. Assassins are also a highly desireable class to have in instances as their debuffs and poison skills make challenging the bosses much easier. At lvl 80 the assassin has a chance to specialize his class further by choosing one of two sub classes, Toxic King or Shadow Master. The Toxic King is a specialised high damage class that relies on the use of poisons and deals high damage while Shadow Masters rely on extra high dodge, with a number of passive dodge increasing skills allowing them to escape from battle nearly unscathed.

Warriors are a high HP and fairly good damage class that have a good ability of taking a lot of damage and still staying alive, this makes them valuable as a team player.

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