Sub-boss 1: Level 48 Ice Zombie (Warrior). Drops: Damaged True*Soft Shoes of Kermit, Damaged Ice-Cold Armguard, Damaged Wedding Band of Forsaken, Sub-boss 2: Level 49 Dekerke (Assassin). Drops: Damaged Precise Strike Gloves, Damaged Ensign of Combatant, Damaged True*Thunderclap Greaves,

Sub-boss 3: Level 49 Chamberlain Lahm (Mage). Drops: True*Leg Guard of Woodelf, Damaged Badge of Chambelain, Tarnished Chamberlain Handbell of Kermit

Major Boss: Level 50 Comte De Kermit (Warrior). Drops: Damaged Fallen Aristocrat's Feel, Tarnished Death Wall, Tarnished True*Death Wall, Tarnished True*Chamberlain Handbell of Kermit Monster 1: Lvl 45 Netherwind Fort Deadly Bat (Assassin)

Monster 2: Lvl 46 Netherwind Fort Caster (Mage)

Monster 3: Lvl 47 Netherwind Fort Patrol (Warrior)

Monster 4: Lvl 48 Guardian of Kermit (Warrior)

Need: True Noble Silk Pants, True Thunderclap Greaves,True Netherwind Fort Silk Shoes, True Overrider of Undead. Please add these. Thanks!

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