There is a wide array of daily quests available for the adventurer in Glancer. It has all the typical dailies of the previous locations, but also has the "Daily Instance" subset. These missions have objectives that can only be completed by running one of the associated instances in the zone (Claymose Altar and Bloodaxe Camping Ground). They have substantially better rewards to make up for it.

Regular Daily Quests:Edit

  • Weaken Orcs
  • Protect Herb Gatherer
  • Let Them Regret
  • Dirt to Dirts
  • Restore Peace to Claymose Lake
  • Bear, You Cross The Line
  • Tigerling, You Cross The Line
  • Continue to Weaken Orcs
  • May You Rest in Peace, Bandits

Daily Instance QuestsEdit

  • Disturbance in Claymose Lake
  • Fast Money
  • The Revived Tide Caller
  • Evil Conspiracy
  • Great Challenge
  • The Sanction of Justice

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