Each character can equip 10 items as their adventuring equipment, including:

Item Type (Body Location)

  1. Helmet (Head)
  2. Necklace (Neck)
  3. Breastplate (Chest)
  4. One Weapon (Main-hand)
  5. One Ring (Left Hand)
  6. Armguard (Wrist)
  7. Leggings (Legs)
  8. Shoes (Feet)
  9. One Weapon or Shield or Book (Off-Hand)**
  10. One Ring (Right Hand)
    • A Warrior can have a weapon or a shield held in his off-hand, a Mage uses a book, and an Assassin may use a second dagger as an off-hand weapon.


All weapons can have:

  • Name
  • Type
  • Status
  • Melee/Spell Damage
  • Attack Speed
  • Statistics
  • Magic Bonuses
  • Sockets
  • Soul Power
  • Required Level
  • Required Class
  • Description or Refine Bonuses
  • Price


All non-weapon items can have:

  • Name
  • Type
  • Status
  • Defense
  • Spell Resistance
  • Statistics
  • Magic Bonuses
  • Sockets
  • Soul Power
  • Required Level
  • Required Class
  • Description or Refine Bonuses
  • Price

Item Quality Edit

Items are ranked by their quality in Dragon's Call, identifiable by the color of the item's name. For non-equippable items the colors are the same. White items generally should just be sold to vendors for gold. Items you obtain that are for one of the other two classes should be sold to a vendor for gold unless they are of Epic or better quality.

Item quality is represented by colors in the following way from the lowest level to the highest level:

Item Quality (Color)

  • Common (White - Unenchanted)
  • Advanced (Green - +1 to +3)
  • Rare (Blue - +4)
  • Epic (Purple - +5)
  • Legendary (Orange - +6)
  • Myth (Dark Golden - +7)
  • Instance (Yellow - +8)
  • Sacrilege (Red - +9)

Item Prefixes Edit

Here are some of the item prefixes that can be found in Dragon's Call:

Magic Property (Granted Magic Bonus)Edit
Prefix Bonus Max LVL1 Max LVL2 Max LVL3
Defender's Defense +% +5% (30) +6% +9%
Guide's Max MP +% +4%
MagicResister's Spell Resistance +% (30) +6%
ManaDrainer's MP Leech +%
Psychic's Max HP +% (14) +2% (22) +3%
SkyWalker's Haste rating +% (15) +2

(30) +3

SkyWhisperer's Spell Damage +% +2%
Slayer's Melee Damage +%
WindySpirit Agility +

Item suffixes and prefixes can be changed in the upgrade tab using dragonshards. If not reserved, however, new suffixes and prefixes will be randomly generated.

Item SuffixesEdit

Suffix Stats Max LVL1 Max LVL2 Max LVL3
of Agility Agility Agi +16
of Astuteness Agility, Stamina
of Brilliance Stamina, Intelligence, Agility
of Defense Stamina, Strength Sta +10, Str +7
of Domination Stamina, Agility Agi +6, Sta +8
of Erudite Intelligence, Stamina
of Eternity Strength, Stamina, Luck Str +6, Sta +6, Luc +6
of Grace Strength, Agility, Luck Str +10, Agi +10, Luc +10
of Harmony Strength, Stamina, Agility
of Intelligence Intelligence
of Luck Luck
of Magic Stamina, Intelligence, Luck
of Meditation Stamina, Intelligence Sta +15, Int +10
of Power Strength, Luck (L16) Str +10, Luc +7
of Refinement Agility, Luck
of Savvy Intelligence, Luck
of Slaughter Strength, Agility Str +15, Agi +10
of Stamina Stamina Sta +20
of Strength Strength Str +14
of Survival Stamina, Agility, Luck
of Valour Strength, Stamina Str +10, Sta +7
of Vitality Stamina, Luck Sta +10, Luc +7

Ass: Sta +8,Luc +6

Sta +11, Luc +8

Item Level Edit

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