The Assassin is one of the three base classes in Dragon's Call. In the most general sense, the class serves as a middle ground between the Warrior and the Mage classes. The class features relatively heavy damage output, primarily from physical attacks, and have a very high hit rate. Assassins generally have slightly more health than mages, but they have far better defenses due to the excellent resist bonuses distributed by the Stamina statistic. In addition, the necessity of having the Agility statistic to a high level increases their Dodge rate, giving them a chance of dodging all damage that would be dealt on attack to them.

In a more complex and late-game sense, Assassins become one of the more powerful (and vital) roles to have. While the Mage and Warrior classes have skills that primarily increase their damage or ability to take it, the Assassin specializes in bestowing conditions on the enemy to weaken them. This allows them to severely weaken or disable an opponent (such as a boss monster in an instance) and then continue to dish out damage with the best of them.

Primary StatisticsEdit

  • Agility
  • Stamina

These two are the primary training statistics. They are usually trained in a ratio of either 3:2 or 4:1 Agility to Stamina.

Secondary StatisticsEdit

  • Strength
  • Luck

These statistics are not usually trained, but are instead a secondary effect on some gear loadouts for the class. Strength adds a useful amount of damage, while Luck can slightly crank up the special attack probability.

Special AttackEdit

The Assassin special attack is Fatal Strike (also known as Fury attacks). It is basically a critical strike that can be scored on the opponent; your attack does an additional amount (approximately 80 percent of base attack). Note that it is similar to the Warrior special, except the Assassin attack is a single attack and therefore the bonus cannot miss (as it can with the Warrior).

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