There is an arena in each town of the game world. You may enter an arena to challenge any player whose ranking is 1-9 places higher than you. If you defeat him in the challenge, you will win some credits and Honor Points and replace his ranking place. But if you lose the challenge, you will lose some credits, and likewise, your ranking place will be replaced by that player.

The arena administrator will give out credits and Honor Points to the top 9 arena fighters at 21:00 pm every day.

The Honor Points can be used to purchase items from ammunition NPC vendor to enhance your battle power, while the credits will determine your arena title which shows whether you are an arena veteran.

Arena Rules Edit

1. After finishing a challenge, you have to wait 10 minutes before beginning another challenge. (Unless you have VIP) 2. You can only fight the same player 5 times per day most. 3. You are only allowed to challenge someone else 20 times per day at most.

Arena Titles Edit

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